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What Our Clients Think Of Our Service

Jason and Maureen

“My wife and I were recently able to purchase our first home, due largely in part to the exceptional service of Peter Pfann and the Pfanntastic Home Team. 

From an exceptional start their service still got even better. Peter worked around our schedule. The mortgage broker, lawyer and inspector they recommended also provided excellent service. Realizing that first time home buyers are nervous creatures, Peter answered all our Questions and calmed all our fears. Professionalism does not usually require “hand holding” but in a figurative sense, that is what he did. It made our first home purchase extremely easy, which was in direct contradiction to the nightmare we expected. 

In short, the high degree of professionalism, competence, and courtesy we experienced with Peter Pfann and the Pfanntastic Home Team made our first home purchase a pleasure. We would highly recommend them to anyone requiring the services of a first rate Realtor.” 

Mrs. Robertson

“My townhouse had been on the market approximately one year, (with another Realtor). I was frustrated and depressed that it hadn’t sold. … Well it sold!!! I feel that without the assistance of Peter Pfann, the sale would not have occurred.”

Danielle and Elenore

We had the pleasure of having Peter help us find a home suitable for our wants and needs and took us to two suitable homes, we choose one.
Peter is very pleasant, courteous and always available via the phone. 
We Think he is PFANNTASTIC
Sincerely Dannielle and Elenore 
The Happy Home Owners

Jack and Tracy

“Jack and I both want to thank you for all your work which resulted in the sale of our house. Your energy seemed never-ending. We appreciated all the open houses, tours and showings you arranged. You are a most creative thinker. The many ways you devised to market our home showed this. Your team is excellent; we would highly recommend your services to anyone.”


“I could always count on Peter to return any calls, or answer any questions I needed to have answered. He was able to relate any information regarding financial and legal questions that I had. He used layman’s terms so I could understand thus making it easier to obtain my goal. Thanks Peter for making my dream a reality.”

Dave and Karen

“We wish to thank you for all your time and effort to facilitate the sale of our property. It had it’s particular challenges but we feel you and your company went above and beyond in the promotion and sale of our duplex. Seeing our duplex advertised gave us the satisfying feeling we were in the hands of a professional group. I would not hesitate to recommend you and you firm to any buyer or seller.”

Mike and Donna

Peter has been a friend of us for years and he is the type of guy that get the job done. We really appreciated that Peter was always available to answer our questions help us through the process.
The Team was very professional and we sold our home in no time and found our Dream home, Thank you guys.

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